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Urgent Care

Primary Care Practice, Urgent Care & Medical Spa located in Amarillo, TX
Urgent Care

Urgent Care services offered in Amarillo, TX

If you have symptoms of an infection or are experiencing unexplained pain, it’s time to visit I40First in Amarillo, Texas. The primary care providers, Julito Uy, MD, George Peterson, DNP, FNP-C, and the team, offer comprehensive evaluation services to identify the necessary medical care. If you’re not feeling well and want to avoid the long wait at the local emergency room, schedule an urgent care appointment by calling I40First or requesting an online appointment.

What urgent care services are available?

The team at I40First offers urgent care services to help you feel better when you need it. The providers assess your symptoms and recommend the right treatment plan after a careful evaluation. They offer a strong alternative to costly emergency room visits by providing care for non-life threatening and non-limb threatening emergencies. 

The I40First team offers several urgent care services, such as: 

  • X-ray
  • COVID testing
  • Blood sugar analysis
  • Urinalysis 
  • Flu swab
  • Strep test 
  • Same-Day Sick Visits
  • Electrocardiograms (EKGs)

If you suspect you are having a heart attack, stroke, or other life-threatening illness, call 911 immediately.

What can I expect during an urgent care evaluation?

During your evaluation, the I40First team takes time to review your personal and family medical history. They also discuss the type of symptoms you’re having and how frequent and severe they are. Your provider can work closely with you to quickly assess your condition and recommend treatment.

Suppose your provider suspects you have an infection or other underlying issue. In that case, they may refer you to a local hospital or testing center for additional blood work or other diagnostic testing. The team later reviews your test results to determine the best course of treatment.

Your provider customizes a treatment plan and can recommend over-the-counter or noncontrolled prescription medicines. In some cases, especially if you have existing health conditions, your I40First provider may offer a specialist referral to connect you with an area doctor for further treatment. 

What if I need a refill on my medications?

If you’re using medications to treat an acute illness and need a prescription refill, the I40First team provides medication refill services. This ensures you can continue taking necessary medications between your primary care visits.

The I40First staff also schedules a follow-up visit to confirm your treatment is working and that you’re on the road to recovery.

To learn more about the available urgent care services, call I40First or request an appointment through the online booking system today. Walk-in visits are also welcome.